Women’s Waxing Salons Near Me

Women's Waxing Salons Near Me

If you grew up watching your mother pluck her brows or other unwanted hairs from her face every other day, you may not know any other way. So you toil and pluck, and wince, and wait a few seconds for the pain to subside before the next pluck and wince. But today, you can search for “women’s waxing salons near me” to remove those unwanted strays all at once, with longer-lasting results. You can be in and out of The Wax Factory in minutes, ready to move on to more entertaining ways of spending your days. Call today: Longmont: 303-776-1001 or Fort Collins: 970-282-9499.


Put down the tweezers and search for “women’s waxing salons near me” 

We know. It’s hard to spend money on services you can do for yourself. Growing up watching your mother put herself through the regular torture of plucking her brows in the name of beauty, or to trim two full brows from one was normal. You may not have seen your mother try her own waxing, an easier, faster way to carve out the perfect brows among the bush above your eyes. Whether you search for “women’s waxing salons near me or “eyebrow waxing near me,” you will find The Wax Factory. Check out our before and after pictures to see how well waxing works.

Why set aside so much time to pluck those hairs, missing a lot of the finer hairs in the process? Our team of professionals can clean up those brows in as little as three minutes. Our team has decades of combined experience in what they do. At The Wax Factory, we started this business to help people live life smooth and leave our services feeling beautiful and confident. But if this experience leaves you feeling more adventurous, too, you may want to try our other waxing services. We can have you hair-free from your brows to your toes. You can buy packages of waxing services to save money, and you can book your appointments online.

Waxing makes it easy to set your own, unique brow style 

Ever wonder how brows have evolved? Read this fascinating article about brow changes through the decades. Brows have evolved throughout history from pencil thin, drawn-on, to bushy and natural. While the trend today is toward more fluffy and natural brows, women can choose any style they want and perhaps set their own trends. Whatever you choose, our technicians will help make that a reality. So no more over-tweezing mishaps for you! 

One interesting thing about waxing is that it also acts as an exfoliant for your skin. You may notice that your skin is much smoother than it has ever been. Because the hair is pulled from the roots, it takes a while to poke back through the skin. Search for “women’s facial waxing near me” to find The Wax Factory in Longmont or Fort Collins.

7 reasons why waxing may be better for your skin

Here are seven reasons why a waxing salon can be a better choice for skin compared to traditional methods of hair removal, such as plucking:

  1. Gentler on Skin: Waxing provides a more controlled and even removal process, minimizing trauma to the skin. Plucking can be harsh, causing irritation, redness, and even potential damage to the hair follicles.
  2. Reduced Risk of Ingrown Hairs: Waxing pulls hair from the root, decreasing the likelihood of ingrown hairs, which are more common with plucking. Ingrown hairs can lead to inflammation and infection if not treated properly.
  3. Longer Lasting Results: Waxing removes hair from the root, leading to slower regrowth. This means you’ll enjoy smoother skin for a longer period compared to plucking, which only removes individual hairs.
  4. Efficiency and Speed: Waxing covers larger areas of skin at once, making it more time-efficient than plucking, which focuses on individual hair removal.
  5. Exfoliation Benefits: Waxing helps exfoliate the skin as the wax is removed, promoting smoother and more radiant skin. Plucking doesn’t offer this added exfoliation advantage.
  6. Professional Expertise: Skilled estheticians at a waxing salon are trained to assess your skin type and condition, ensuring the right wax and techniques are used. This reduces the risk of skin damage compared to potentially improper plucking practices at home.
  7. Reduced Pain and Discomfort: While both waxing and plucking may involve some discomfort, waxing is typically quicker and involves less repetitive pulling, potentially making it a more tolerable option.

Remember, each person’s skin reacts differently, so it is essential to consider individual preferences and sensitivities when choosing a hair removal method. Always ensure proper hygiene and aftercare to maintain healthy and smooth skin.

Take a look at some of our five-star waxing reviews 

As women, we often put more stock into what our friends tell us. Hundreds of The Wax Factory’s friends offer regular five-star reviews of our services, such as these:

“The service here is amazing. I used to go here before I moved away for college and they were always so kind and really did great work. Fast forward four years, they still remember me and gave equally great service. Don’t go anywhere else. Great prices and great people.” — Bailey K.

“I moved here a year ago and it’s taken me three attempts to find someone that doesn’t take 50% of my eyebrow off. Me and my eyebrows thank you, Cassie!”  — Breanna Walden

“The Wax Factory and the ladies that work there are AWESOME! I never have to wait long for a room. They are quick and thorough. I’ve been a customer for 6 years and I’ve never been disappointed. Highly recommend if you want excellent service with smiling faces!!” — Angie EssexZ


The Wax Factory has two convenient locations in Fort Collins and Longmont. Let The Wax Factory help you discover how to “live life smooth” at affordable prices. Book an appointment today. Follow us on Facebook or view us on Instagram for the latest information and special deals.