Is Professional or At Home Waxing Better?

Waxing Specials Near Me - Is Professional or At Home Waxing Better?

There is a reason why women opt to hire professionals to perform many beauty rituals.  They’ve tried the DIY methods of waxing or followed YouTube videos on how to wax at home, and they saw the results. These women have asked themselves, “Is professional or at home waxing better?” And many have come to realize that even with the best at home waxing kit, it’s a gamble. Let the pros at The Wax Factory handle it, and get it right the first time. Book your appointment online for either our Longmont or Fort Collins studios.


You shouldn’t have to ask, “Is professional or at home waxing better?” 

Of course, manufacturers would not make at-home options for beauty products if they weren’t doable. Think about it. How many times have you opted to get your make-up professionally done? Probably only on special occasions, but you can easily apply your own make-up. Some areas of the body, however, are harder to see from our own personal vantage point. At-home waxing is certainly an option, but only professionals have the experience and know-how to do it right. 

Make sure you understand the pros — and cons — of home waxing

According to BeautyImageUSA, while there are some definite pros to waxing at home vs salon, there are some serious cons you should weigh, such as potential skin damage, using improper waxing methods that can cause an infection, and dealing with the mess. Skilled technicians know the proper ways to wax specific, even hard-to-reach areas. They understand how to use their products to keep you safe during and after the wax treatment and care for your skin properly. When you ask, “Is professional or at home waxing better?” Have you thought of what you would do if you burned yourself? 


Waxing is indeed a great way to remove large amounts of hair for long periods of time. It usually takes four to six weeks before hair begins to regrow. And it certainly saves people the hassle of shaving every day. But when you do it on your own, your lack of experience or education — even dexterity — could work against you. When you think of the potential of burning your skin, ingrown hairs, or even tearing off a top layer of your skin, it might be better to make an appointment at your salon, such as The Wax Factory. Check out our before and after photos to see just how well our clients look after their quick and professional appointments.


You might also want to consider at least the consequences of waxing on your face, according to this article by, which advises, “Keep in mind that any waxing mishaps on your face will be, well, on your face.” That could include accidentally ripping off half your eyebrows, or burn marks, or even skin pigmentation issues. The Wax Factory offers many different waxing services that can clear you of hair from your head down to your toes. We have perfected our special technique, so the amount of time we say it will take is spot-on. We also offer several wax packages that will get you through the year a lot less expensive than a one-off appointment here and there.

7 benefits of having professionals wax you

Thinking about waxing, but not sure whether to hit the salon or go DIY at home? Now you can stop wondering, “Is professional or at home waxing better?” Let us give you the lowdown on why getting your waxing professionally done might just be the way to go:

  1. Pro-Level Skills: When you’re at a salon, you’re in the hands of experts who really know their stuff. They’ve got the techniques down pat to make sure your hair gets the boot without any unnecessary ouchies.
  2. Clean and Germ-Free: Salons are all about cleanliness. They use fresh, sanitized equipment and disposable stuff, so you’re not sharing any germs with anyone else. It’s like a spa for your skin.
  3. Your Unique Needs: Everybody’s skin and hair are different, right? Well, the pros get that. They’ll check out what you’ve got going on and customize the waxing to match your skin type and sensitivity.
  4. Fancy-Pants Products: You know how there’s a gazillion waxing products out there? Salons use the good stuff that’s less likely to make your skin throw a tantrum. Say goodbye to redness and irritation!
  5. Smooth Operator: Pro waxing can keep you fuzz-free for way longer than a DIY job. That means more time before you have to even think about hair removal again. Score!
  6. Pain? Not So Much: Let’s be real, waxing can be a bit ouchy. But the experts have a few tricks up their sleeves to make it way more tolerable. They’ve got sensitive areas covered, if you catch our drift.
  7. No Hairy Situations: Ever had a DIY waxing disaster? Uneven patches, broken hairs, or spots you missed? The pros won’t let that happen. They’ve got a hawk-eye for detail and will make sure you’re silky smooth all over.

So, whether it’s your first time or you’re a waxing veteran, going to the pros at The Wax Factory could be the ticket to smoother, more comfortable, and longer-lasting results. Your skin will thank you!

When only professional waxing will do

Why ask yourself, “Should I wax at home or at a salon?” Our professional technicians create a positive, inviting, and professional environment in which to get an incredible wax that is worth it. And often, our customers leave us five-star reviews, such as these: 

“I love the Wax Factory! I’ve been going here for 6+ years. All the ladies that work there are very kind and always ask how you are. I like that their services are fast so you just talk to them and before you know it your wax is done! I also appreciate how they run specials so it makes waxing more affordable. I would definitely recommend the Wax Factory!”  — Sammy Rittner

“The girls here are so sweet and make the environment as comfortable as possible. They are the only ones I trust with my eyebrows! Recommend them whenever someone asks where I do my brows!” — Alex Mahoney

“I love love love this place! I’ve been going to Karen for quite some time now, and she is amazing! Great results. I love how my eyebrows turn out every time! I love the vibe too! Thank you!” — Austin Clear

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