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Hair can be a beautiful thing – unless it grows in places where you don’t want it! Because you’ve been searching for “hair removal near me”, you may wish to find a local salon where trained experts can help eliminate your unwanted hair problem. The Wax Factory, with two convenient locations – one in Fort Collins and the other in Longmont – can handle all your hair removal needs, providing you with the best professional solution. Our team of specially-trained waxing experts ensure friendly, competent service at the most reasonable prices, always respecting your privacy and scheduling requirements. 

Why choose professional waxing at the Wax Factory?

Perhaps you have tried other hair removal methods such as shaving or using depilatories. Maybe you’ve even looked into laser hair removal. All of these options have certain constraints that waxing does not share. For example, shaving unwanted hair or applying a depilatory only removes the surface layer of hair, leaving the hair follicle intact. Laser hair removal is expensive and its success depends on factors such as skin tone and hair color. Waxing presents a better option overall.

Here are a few reasons why professional waxing performed at The Wax Factory is a great choice for hair removal:

  • Waxing removes hair from the root, leaving no stubble behind
  • Since the hair follicle is removed during waxing, hair regrowth is much slower than other methods – so you are smoother for a longer period of time
  • Because waxing requires that skin be pulled taut and the wax removed quickly, the chance of developing ingrown hairs is reduced
  • Waxing is great for sensitive skin, leaving no rash (as might occur with shaving) or hyperpigmentation
  • Hair gradually becomes finer and softer as it regrows, making further waxing quicker and easier
  • Waxing exfoliates the skin in the area being treated, removing dead and flaky skin cells and may even improve skin texture

Hair removal near me: what to expect during your first waxing appointment 

If you’ve decided that your best option for hair removal near me is waxing, you may be a little nervous about your first appointment. Not to worry though, at The Wax Factory, we’re here to give you all the information you need to know what to expect before you show up for your first wax appointment. Keep reading for a quick list of things that you can expect before and during your first wax appointment with us!

  1. Preparing for your first wax appointment 

If you’re feeling a little nervous before your first appointment, we hope that we can put your mind at ease during your search for hair removal near me. Depending on the areas that you intend to wax and the type of wax you decide to get, there are a few ways that we recommend preparing for your first appointment. For this instance though, we’ll focus on getting a Brazilian wax since this is one of our more popular waxes. 

Before showing up for your Brazilian wax, be sure to wear loose fitting pants and breathable underwear. Most likely, your skin will be a little bit sensitive, so better to be on the safe side. There’s no way to tell how much discomfort you will feel during your first appointment with the company you choose during your search for hair removal near me, but if you feel that you are more sensitive, we recommend taking an over-the-counter painkiller about an hour before your appointment to help minimize pain. In addition to the pain meds, you’ll want to make sure your hair is around ¼ inch long to minimize discomfort further. 

  1. During your hair removal near me appointment: what to expect 

Once you’ve done your prep work, it’s time for your first wax! When you first arrive after determining where you will end your search for hair removal near me, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly staff, then led to a private room for your comfort during your appointment. Once in the room, our staff will give you the opportunity to ask questions then remove your clothing from the waist down in private before returning for the wax. 

Once your wax begins, the good news is that our Brazilian wax typically only takes around 10 minutes to complete. Wax will be put on your skin front to back, and once cooled, it will be removed in the opposite direction of your hair growth. During the appointment, your staff member may have you move around to wax the different areas of your body. Just remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Our staff members have completed many Brazilian waxes before yours, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Once your wax is complete, you’ll want to avoid doing anything that will irritate your freshly waxed areas for 24 to 48 hours, as this can lead to discomfort, ingrown hairs, and sensitivity. You can also use aloe gel to soothe your skin if you need to. We hope that having an idea of what to expect beforehand can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for before your wax appointment. We hope that you’ll consider booking your first appointment at The Wax Factory once you’ve concluded your search for hair removal near me. Our patient and professional waxing staff members can’t wait to assist you during your first wax!

If you have any additional questions before your appointment, we are glad to help answer whatever questions we can to give you the best experience possible when getting waxed with us at any of our locations in either Longmont or Fort Collins. Come check us out!

The Wax Factory is the best choice in your search for “Hair Removal Near Me”

All the trained waxing experts at the Wax Factory are ready to meet your individual needs, whether they be extensive or minimal. We perform wax services on nearly all areas of the body including the face (eyebrows, lips, chin, ears), arms/underarms, abdomen, bikini area, back and chest, and legs. Pricing and waxing time varies according to the areas treated. We are always happy to discuss your personal goals and provide cost estimates for each area on which you’d like to focus.

For those looking for specialty waxing treatments, The Wax Factory offers Brazilian and French wax sessions at affordable rates. Clients may also opt for one of our current waxing packages – Brazilian, eyebrow, or bikini waxes – to receive the most economical prices. No matter which service you choose, our waxing professionals are ready to answer your questions and ensure your comfort and confidence in The Wax Factory. 

The Wax Factory gets top marks from satisfied clients

Our clients speak out about us with rave reviews. Here are just a few comments The Wax Factory has recently received:

“The Wax Factory and the ladies that work there are AWESOME! I never have to wait long for a room. They are quick and thorough. I’ve been a customer for 6 years and I’ve never been disappointed. Highly recommend it if you want excellent service with smiling faces.” 

– Angela Essex

“Love this place! I always get in and out quickly and the staff is very friendly. Pricing is comparable and better than other, similar businesses.” – Lindsay Craig

The Wax Factory has two convenient locations in Fort Collins and Longmont. Let The Wax Factory help you discover how to “live life smooth” at affordable prices. Book  an appointment today. Follow us on Facebook or view us on Instagram for the latest information and special deals.

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