Eyebrow Tint Near Me

Eyebrow Tint Near Me

If you’ve grown tired of spending time and money on brow pencils and powders, eyebrow tinting is a great alternative. Since you’re searching for “Eyebrow Tint Near Me”, you’ll be delighted to know that The Wax Factory is ready to handle all your professional eyebrow tinting needs. Our salons are conveniently located in both Fort Collins and Longmont. The friendly team of experts at The Wax Factory provides outstanding service at the most reasonable prices, making eyebrow tinting fast, effective, and trouble-free.


The Wax Factory cares about your goals

When you book an appointment to get your eyebrows tinted at The Wax Factory, one of our trained experts will gather information about the brow look you’d like to create. We’ll also analyze your brow hair for color and density. Though eyebrow tinting is a great option for all skin types and hair colors, gray or white hairs can be a bit more challenging since they may be more resistant to coloring. But no need to worry, as our experts at The Wax Factory have years of experience and can be trusted to meet your individual needs. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what to expect during and after your eyebrow tint is complete.


We take you through the eyebrow tint process with ease and confidence

At the Wax Factory, your satisfaction is first and foremost. We want to show you just how easy and affordable it is to have your eyebrows looking their best. Our quick eyebrow tint process involves only a few simple steps:

  • First, our eyebrow tinting professional will clean your brows and prepare them for tinting. A small amount of petroleum jelly will be applied to the area surrounding your eyebrows, to reduce the chance of skin being stained from the dye.
  • Next, our specialist will apply semi-permanent dye to your brows, using a shade that matches your existing hair. The dye helps to shape and define the eyebrows, giving them a fuller, thicker look. Although fine hairs are darkened in the process, only existing brow hairs are dyed (as opposed to microblading, which involves tattooing tiny hairlike wisps into the brow line). Two layers of dye are applied, the first in the direction of brow hair growth and the second in the opposite direction.
  • Finally, after leaving the dye on the brows for a few minutes, the excess is carefully removed and your eyebrow tint is complete. We recommend that you keep the brow area dry for around 12 hours following tinting. Avoid using exfoliating or retinoid products in the area. This will prevent irritation and help the tint last longer. Typically, your eyebrow tint will last 4-6 weeks. Once it begins to fade, scheduling a touch-up appointment will ensure that your look will be maintained.

At The Wax Factory, dramatic results from an eyebrow tint can be achieved in only 15 minutes, much less time than it would take you to use an eyebrow pencil or powder daily. Moreover, your eyebrow tint won’t rub off or ever need to be removed. As an extra treat for yourself, why not schedule a combined eyebrow wax and tint? We’re sure that you will love the results! Just take a look at some of our before and after images.


You’ll be glad you chose The Wax Factory in your search for “Eyebrow Tint Near Me”

The Wax Factory has gotten many 5-star reviews since we’ve been in business. Our clients love our fast and friendly assistance and choose us over other salons when it comes to providing a full line of services including eyebrow tinting as well as full body waxing. Here’s what one happy customer said about The Wax Factory’s excellence in meeting her needs:

“I love this place and the gals! They do an amazing job and the prices can’t be beat either! I sometimes drive all the way from Denver to see them! – Rachel D.

The Wax Factory has two convenient locations in Fort Collins and Longmont. Let The Wax Factory help you discover your perfect eyebrow tint at affordable prices. Book an appointment today. Follow us on Facebook or view us on Instagram for the latest information and special deals.